Hi there!

I’m Mel – short for Melinda – ex travel guide turned travel content creator and freelance writer. My mission is to help you discover the world’s most thrilling views and best luxury hotels, and take you along to once in a lifetime destinations as well as deep dive into classics getaways.

Meet Mel At The Gate Mel in Kauai

I was born and raised in Sweden by Hungarian parents – but as any other traveler, I’m a citizen of the world. My love for travel started in circa 1986. During the 80’s and 90’s, my family used to drive to Hungary every year. It took us about two days from Sweden and I loved it! I read, listened to music, talked to my toys and parents and just had a cozy road trip. I got to see Europe up close during these trips. Everything seemed so big and the roads so infinite.

I fell in love with the world there and then and has been exploring our beautiful planet ever since. I’ve studied in Australia, worked in the UK, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and Bulgaria, and traveled to 40 + countries.

So meet me(l) at the gate and let’s take off together!