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We’ve all heard the stories – “Cuba is a closed country”, “There’re only a few flights per week from the US”, “You need a special visa to visit Cuba (gasp!)”, and so on. LIES! Everyone’s lying to you and I’m your only friend. While you do need a “special visa”, it’s easy to apply for and obtain said visa for many nationalities.

Please note: This article is written from an EU passport holder’s point of view (Swedish passport). The visa requirements might differ for your country. Please see this article as a guideline but make sure to check what applies for your country before booking any tickets to Cuba.

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1. The first thing to do is to look up the visa requirements for your country. Make sure you can actually obtain a visa to visit Cuba.
2. Buy the flight tickets online (you can buy them with JetBlue and Southwest Airlines for example). When booking your tickets, you have to choose a reason for visiting Cuba. There are 12 categories and I chose “educational activities”. I was never asked this question again during my visit to Cuba.
3. Purchase a visa at check in at the airport. It cost 50 USD when I bought it. Most flights to Cuba depart from Fort Lauderdale or Miami.
4. Hold on to your visa, they’ll ask for it at the airport when you leave Cuba.

And that’s it, see it isn’t difficult at all. Happy traveling!

How to Visit Cuba


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How To Visit Cuba - it's easier than you think

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